Welcome to the QAs Student Wellbeing pages. We want to ensure that your time here at QAHE is a safe and happy one, so we have a dedicated Welfare Team, Mental Health Practitioner and Counselling Service in place for your support.

We recognise that flourishing at university is determined as much by your wellbeing as it is by your academic ability: if you feel healthy and content within yourself and your environment, then you are far more likely to perform to the best of your academic ability.

We hope these guides and resources encourage you to take responsibility for your own health and wellbeing and empower you to seek help when you need it. Don’t feel shy about reaching out – that’s what we’re here for!

The Welfare team can be contacted in a number of ways:

Email: qahe.welfare@qa.com

Phone: +44 (0)121 756 9578

On campus: In Birmingham and London – Rosebery Avenue and Manchester campuses

Monday 鈥 Friday听 听 听 听 听 听 听 听 听9am-5pm

Our Student Welfare Team are always on hand to support you with any queries or personal matters that you may come across during your studies. Our friendly team are here to help, so do not be afraid to ask for their support and advice, no matter how big or small you think your issue is.

Phone: +44 (0)121 756 9578听

Email: qahe.welfare@qa.com

We can be found at the following locations:

London Campus: 7-15 Rosebury Avenue, London, EC1R 4SP (above the library in the Student Hub)

London city guide

Birmingham Campus: 5th Floor, Centre City, 5-7 Hill Street, Birmingham, B5 4UA

Birmingham city guide

Manchester Campus: 8th Floor, St. James’s Building, 61-95 Oxford Street, Manchester, M1 6FQ

Manchester city guide

In addition to the services below, we have put together a selection of helpful guides and resources, available to download to support you throughout your studies.

To view our guides, click on the buttons:

Reverse Culture Shock Help Yourself to Self-Esteem Control Your Anxiety The Stages of Grief Mindfulness Staying Safe Online Talking and Counselling Therapy

The recent events between Hamas and Israel have been an intense escalation of the ongoing conflict.

The devastating loss of life and the continuing military action will have caused distress to students who are directly affected, indirectly affected, or concerned about the increase in conflict both in the region and here in the UK.

While peaceful protest and the ability to debate is part of the UK鈥檚 democratic society, bullying, hate speech, inciting hatred, inciting or performing violence is illegal and a crime against society.

Seek Support
If you are anxious, grieving or affected by the conflict and would like to speak to the Welfare Team for some support, or ways to cope with stress or anxiety, details to contact the Welfare Team are at the end of this newsletter.

What can I do?
If you would like to help and give assistance by having an active role in supporting the humanitarian effort, find out more information, or be a part in the call for peace, there are many ways to get involved, including supporting a number of charity appeals such as the Red Cross, Doctors without Borders, Medical Aid Palestine.

Keeping safe online
With all financial contributions online, it is worth making sure you know where your money is going first – double check the organisation is real and is being shared by a trustworthy source. We are aware of an increased number of phishing attempts via email, text and phone call to both work and personal accounts. Scammers are using the humanitarian crisis as leverage to try to con people out of money under the pretense that people are donating money to help the crisis effort.

If you receive such a call (or a similar contact by any other means, for example email or text):

  • Do not give the caller/sender any personal information or banking information
  • Do not confirm that any information they have is correct
  • Do not make any payment
  • Report it to

“War … is always an evil, never a good. We will not learn how to live together in peace by killing each other’s children.”
Jimmy Carter – former USA President 2002

The current conflict unfolding in Ukraine is something we are monitoring closely. We are saddened to see the horrific events occurring and will do everything we can to support all our students, staff, and wider communities.

Please know that whatever your nationality, you are not alone. We are here to support you in any way we can, particularly those who are from and have family and friends in Ukraine, Russia, and the surrounding regions. More than ever, this a time for unity and mutual support and not one to spread division or hate. We are stronger if we face this crisis together.

During this crisis it is critical we all stay informed and look for unbiased and factual information from reputable sources. We understand the news coverage and saturation of the events unfolding are horrific, so please take time to switch off and recharge away from the news. Please be kind and respect the different ways this crisis will be impacting everyone.

Support for students

Study support

Some students may find it difficult to focus on their studies at this time. Anyone struggling with academic work should first talk to their tutor, who will be able to offer support and advice.

Additionally, you may wish to seek study support from our ACE team.

Mental health and Wellbeing support

Students can contact the Welfare team for support with their mental health and wellbeing, either on their own behalf or if they are worried about another student.

Financial Support

Students suffering financial hardship as a direct result of the crisis in Ukraine should apply to the hardship fund through the Welfare team.

If you require health advice, due to current concerns or if not sure about an urgent medical problem your first decision may be to head to the hospital when you may not need to.

Contact your local GP (doctor) service, or contact the NHS Helpline on 111 available 24 hours every day. You can also call 18001 111 on a textphone.

For non-emergency situations, where it is not immediate danger call 101.

Emergency Services
Call 999 to get some immediate help, if there is immediate danger, of injury or loss of life.

If you require housing advice contact an expert housing advisor on 0808 800 4444. They are open 8am-8pm weekdays, 9am-5pm on weekends.

If your situation is urgent and you have nowhere to sleep, might be homeless soon, are at risk of harm or feeling very overwhelmed about your housing situation, then you can call the emergency helpline on 0808 1644 660.

You may also be able to contact your local Council for advice and assistance.

If you are having financial difficulties or to apply for access to hardship funds available for students, please contact our Welfare Team using the below contact details:

笔丑辞苍别:听+44 (0)121 756 9578


If you need help with budgeting during your time as a student, check out our student budget calculator

Student budget calculator

For more useful advice, guidance and tools to help financial management, you can also download our Financial Guide.

Financial Guide

QA Mental Health Support

Access dedicated support from our mental health practitioners in person or online.



Togetherall is a free and anonymous online community available 24/7 to all of our students looking for mental health support and a sense of connection. Share your worries and questions with others experiencing the same struggles and learn more about how to adjust to life鈥檚 challenges. Moderated by professionals to keep you safe, Togetherall is here for you. for Togetherall with your student email address. Find out more here and in the video below.


If you are feeling overwhelmed, suicidal or just need someone to talk to you can contact the Samaritans, who are open 24 hours a day, on 166 123 or visit .

Alternatively, if you are already in contact with your local mental health services, then you could call them for support and assistance.

Student Minds
Student Minds is the UK鈥檚 student mental health charity. Their Student Space will be available 24/7 throughout the holidays.


  • (24/7)
  • (4 pm to 11 pm every day)
  • (24/7 – response within 24 hours)


Free 24/7 confidential crisis text based support service.

Contact No: 85258



a charity dedicated to the prevention of suicide and the promotion of positive mental health and emotional wellbeing in young people.

Call:0800 068 41 41

Text:07860 039967



Emergency Services
If you need to, or have already done so, call 999 to get some immediate help.

We are here for you. We have put together a handful of helpful guides to offer support to you whilst you are studying with us.

How to Manage Stress Emotional Resilience Keeping Calm

You can speak to a member of the National Domestic Violence Helpline team. The team will provide a listening ear if you want to talk about your experiences and support you to work through your options in the short and long term. The Helpline can also help you to access refuge accommodation, or other specialist domestic violence services, if you need them.

The below helplines are available 24/7:
Women鈥檚 and Children鈥檚 Advice line: 0808 200 0247
Men鈥檚 Advice line: 0808 801 0327

RSVP – Rape and Sexual Violence Project

Call: 0121 643 0301


Muslim Women’s Network

Call: 0800 999 5786


GALOP – the LGBT+ anti-abuse charity


Emergency Services
If you or a member of your family are in immediate danger call 999 to get some immediate help.

We have put together an information pack to offer support to any students that may be experiencing signs of domestic violence.

Domestic Violence and Abuse Guide

Rape Crisis
The national Rape Crisis helpline is open 12 noon – 2.30pm and 7 – 9.30pm every day of the year.

You can call them on:
Women鈥檚 advice line: 0808 802 9999
National Male Survivors Helpline: 0808 800 5005

Emergency Services
You may also wish to make a report to the Police on 101 (non-emergency) or if you are in immediate danger contact 999.

  • Karen – Welfare Manager
  • Alex B 鈥 Welfare Advisor/Deputy Safeguarding Lead 鈥 London
  • Sarah 鈥 Welfare Advisor 鈥 Manchester
  • Ashleigh 鈥 Welfare Advisor 鈥 Manchester
  • Kirsty 鈥 Welfare Advisor – London
  • Beth鈥 Welfare Advisor – London
  • Alex G 鈥 Welfare Advisor 鈥 Birmingham
  • Javeria 鈥 Welfare advisor – Birmingham
  • Lucy 鈥 Clinical Lead
  • Sarah 鈥 Mental Health Practitioner – London
  • Eloise 鈥 Mental Health Practitioner – London
  • Nick 鈥 Mental Health Practitioner 鈥 Birmingham
  • Scharine 鈥 Mental Health Practitioner – Manchester
  • Heather 鈥 Counsellor
  • Jo 鈥 Counsellor

Our Student Welfare Team are always on hand to support you with any queries or personal matters that you may come across during your studies. Our friendly team are here to help, so do not be afraid to ask for their support and advice, no matter how big or small you think your issue is.

Phone: +44 (0)121 756 9578

Email: qahe.welfare@qa.com